Italy And France Are Close To Civil Wars

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On a special edition of “War Room,” host Stephen K. Bannon is joined by author Naomi Wolf and economist Peter Navarro for a comprehensive discussion of the State of the Pandemic Scam. In this segment, Ben Harnwell reports from Europe on the rebellion against mandates and lockdowns.

“Boris Johnson seems to be indicating his desire for this Plan B whereas the health secretary prefers Plan A, which is basically what’s been going on in the moment, that is to say more vaccines, more booster shots, continuation of social distancing, whereas Plan B would would involve potentially even obligatory vaccine passports, which as we can see from the massive protests in Italy right now are deeply unpopular. … The Italians are notoriously difficult to get out in the public squares and protest… but in every single major city in Italy right now there are huge demonstrations of tens of thousands of people, and with the anger at such a level that there is even a tinge of violence.”

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