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Jam for Freedom is spearheading the pro-freedom revolution happening globally as a response to restrictions on our basic human rights to work, travel and live.

Jam For Freedom is bringing live music to the world to unite and liberate people from the mental health crisis we currently face. You are not alone in being suspicious about the current state of affairs.

Jam for Freedom is in support of medical choice, liberty and the right to work and travel.

Know your rights!

No medical records, medical devices or mandatory drugs will ever be required to attend our festivals or events. We will continue to defend the art of live music and the extraordinary mental and social benefits it brings to others. For resources on knowing your basic human rights and the freedom of medical choice you have please view these below:

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Law and Fiction Bands and orchestras can gather together

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Jam For Freedom is independently supported by Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, members and public donations.

Check out their tour diary page to see dates on our non-stop global tour. They have put on over 100 jams so far across the world, uniting hundreds of musicians and hundreds of thousands of audience members to smile, celebrate liberty and embrace medical choice and mental health.

Press, musicians and creatives that want to collaborate with Jam For Freedom please email: contact@jamforfreedom.com

To help Jam For Freedom stay on the road and get home safely please support Jam For Freedom by becoming a member, donating to our freedom fund or picking up some merchandise.

Life of a Rebel – Jam for Freedom MP3

Jam for Freedom’s debut track. After over 100 international shows the world’s only touring jam bring you their debut track. ‘Life of a Rebel’ explores the price we pay in our fight for justice, truth and the ultimate prize we seek… freedom!

Written by Cambel McLaughlin and Suroj
Lyrics, Lead vocals and drums: Cambel McLaughlin
Guitars and bass: Suroj
Piano: Gonzalo Carrera
Backing vocals: Archie XnTrick, Viviane Barzyk, Aine O’Gradie
Additional lyrics: Archie MacDonald
Co-produced by Suroj
Produced by Leon Itzler
Artwork by Andrew Hadaway

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