Jim Jordan: Democrats Are Politicizing Supreme Court

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Rep. Jim Jordan, the House Judiciary Committee’s ranking Republican, tore into Democrats for politicizing the Supreme and exposed the lies of a former anti-abortion leader who alleged he was informed in advance about the outcome of a 2014 Supreme Court ruling casting serious doubt on the whistleblower’s allegations that the information came from Justice Samuel Alito.


Rep. Jim Jordan: In March 2020 on the steps of the Supreme Court Senator Schumer said quote, “I want to tell you Gorsuch, I want to tell you Kavanaugh, you have released a whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you.

April of last year the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee introduced legislation to add four associate Justices to the United States Supreme Court, to pack the court.

May 2nd of this year the draft opinion of the Dobbs decision was made public. The next day, May 3rd, the very next day, attacks on churches, crisis pregnancy centers begin, they occur around the country, and they continue for months. Over 100 churches, crisis pregnancy centers, attacked since the leak of that opinion. 

Now, you know what they call all that? You know what all that’s called? Intimidation. Threats against Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, threats to pack the court, leaking of an opinion and attacks on churches, a concerted effort by the left to intimidate the highest court in our land. And I didn’t even mention the lies told about Justice Kavanaugh in 2018 during his confirmation process. I didn’t mention when Senator Joe Biden and Senate Democrats drove Justice Alito’s wife to tears during his confirmation hearing. And I didn’t mention the Democrats on this committee who have, for the last year, attacked Justice Thomas and his wife. 

And now today. Today, a hearing about 8 year old second hand hearsay from a witness who, for 18 years, took money from pro-life donors, 30 million dollars, and then this year, all of a sudden remembers, just weeks after the Dobbs leak happened, that 8 years ago he heard that, at a dinner party, Justice Alito told his guest that they would like the Hobby Lobby decision, just now remembers that. Mr. [Rob] Schenck wasn’t there. Justice Alito said Mr. Schenck’s story is not true. The dinner guests said Mr. Schenck’ story is not true. The Supreme Court said Mr. Schenck’s story is not true. Politico said quote we spent several months, excuse me, attempting to corroborate Mr. Schenck claim but were unable to locate anyone who heard about the decision from Alito or his wife before its release. Let me say that part of that again. We were unable to locate anyone who heard about the decision from Alito before its release. And even the New York Times, the New York Times who broke the story, they said there are gaps in Mr. Schenck’s account, gaps in his account. That’s liberal speak for this story doesn’t add up. And I’ll tell you something that did happen.

The Dobbs draft opinion was in fact leaked and it was made public on May 2nd 2022. And after that leak, as I’ve said, dozens and dozens of churches were attacked, dozens and dozens of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers were attacked, protests occurred at Supreme Court Justices homes, and there was an assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh. But to date in this Congress not one hearing in the house Judiciary Committee about that link. Not one hearing about the real leak, but here we are today, at the end of the session, having a hearing on the fake leak from a witness whose story even the liberal press says quote, we were unable to locate anyone who can corroborate what he said. That’s what we’re forced, that’s what we’re doing. So I hope maybe in the last week or two of this session of Congress, maybe we can address, begin to look into what happened with the Dobbs decision how that leak took place, I think that would be something that would merit our time and attention.

I would also point out this, Mr. Chairman, before I yield back. We’re supposed to get  his testimony the night before, we just at 12:20, we get his testimony for a 10:00 hearing. It would have been nic if we had that as well. With that I yield back.

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