Joe Biden listed as criminal suspect in Ukrainian court

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A Ukrainian court has listed presumptive Democrat nominee, Joe Biden, as a possible criminal suspect. One America’s Chief White House Correspondent Chanel Rion has the latest.


Greta Wall: An interesting twist from the Biden campaign after Ukrainian court list of the presumptive democratic nominee as a possible criminal suspect. One America’s, Chanel Rion has more from the White House.

Chanel Rion: Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden finds himself in more hot water this week. Just confirmed, a Ukrainian court ordered Joe Biden to be formally listed in a criminal case. The crime, the alleged firing of Ukraine’s former Prosecutor General, Viktor Shokin, in exchange for dropping an investigation into Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and the company for which he was a board member, Burisma oil. Shokin formally called for an investigation into his firing back in February of 2020, claiming the Ukrainian government at the time, relieved Shokin from his post in exchange for 1 billion dollars in loan guarantees promised by Biden, a bribe Biden himself admitted to doing.

Joe Biden: If the prosecutors not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a b****, he got fired.

Chanel Rion: But at the time Shokin called for this case back in February, the courts listed one of the defendants as an unnamed American, an individual widely understood to be Joe Biden. Obama  Ukraine pointman, but Biden was never formally named. Now the courts have ruled it is improper to conceal Biden’s name and that there is sufficient evidence to proceed with an investigation. The ruling cannot be appealed. 

Another key development in the story is the release of a series of telephone conversations that has garnered major questions. Andrii Derkach, a member of parliament in Ukraine, in a press conference Tuesday released what he says appear to be voice recordings of then Secretary of State John Kerry Vice President Joe Biden and then president of Ukraine course Poroshenko discussing the Brisma case and discussing the removal of Victor Shokin. Neither Kerry, Biden nor Poroshenko have affirmed the verity of these recordings. The recordings appear to have been leaked from government officials and whistleblowers, but are currently being verified. Ukrainian president Zalenski stated he anticipates more developments over the course of the summer and says the case could qualify as high treason. Candidate Biden has yet to respond to this latest development.

 Chanel Rion and One America News the White House.

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