Joy Reid Releases a Campaign Ad For Ron DeSantis: “Ron DeSantis Is Turning Florida Into A Right-Wing Paradise”

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To say that Joy Reid is no fan of Ron DeSantis is an understatement. Not a day goes by that the resident racist of MSNBC does not accuse the governor of Florida of a most heinous crime: white nationalismchild abuse, and even murder. You would think that Ron the last person Joy would like to promote.

But lo and behold, here is a campaign video that Ron DeSantis doesn’t have to spend money on. Listen to Joy going through all the common sense measures the Governor has implemented in Florida:

– He is banning CRT from schools and public colleges

– He has taken aim at drag performances

– He banned Covid vaccine mandates and restricted mask rules

– He is calling for a probe into wrongdoing that led to the vaccine

– He is protecting Floridians’ 2nd amendment rights

Joy even urges people to “come to Florida – the meanest place on Earth!” That is the only advice ever from Joy Reid that people paid attention to. They are not just coming – they are running to Florida.

“It’s a right-wing fantasy land! It’s like Disney World, but in hell!”

You may want to stop cutting campaign ads for Ron DeSantis, Joy. Very few people are watching your show, but the word gets around.

By Tatyana Larina

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