Kanye West, Tucker Carlson, and Who’s Crazy?

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I am too old to be much of a rap fan. I paid attention at the beginning, with Public Enemy especially, but soon lost interest, so I largely missed the rise of Kanye West, now “ye” West.

Of course, no one could miss him entirely with the Kim Kardashian connection, not to mention the overt Donald Trump connection, the latter courageous for anyone in the entertainment industry.

I was also aware of the imputations that he had emotional problems, that he might be bipolar, an illness—if it really is one—said to be common to creative people.

In general, however, what I did know of multi-talented Kanye—including that he was a force in the fashion world—impressed me.

When I heard he had marched into Paris Fashion Week with Candace Owens, both wearing t-shirts with “White Lives Matter” emblazoned on the back, I was yet more impressed.

I regarded Black Lives Matter as a scam from the outset, a financial ripoff of white liberals with no benefit whatsoever to blacks—other than the organization’s leadership that absconded with the lavish donations and bought real estate.

That’s the hierarchal manner in which communism and socialism work. Leadership puts a system in place in which they profit and the rest are, in essence, serfs.

A man with 18 million Instagram followers, including, most probably, a fair percentage of the youth of America, Kanye is arguably the greatest threat to this system extant in this country.

So it was with considerable interest I watched on YouTube part one of Tucker Carlson’s interview with West.

It didn’t disappoint.

This was not the first time Carlson showed what an extraordinary interviewer he is—who can forget Tony Bobulinski and the Hunter Biden laptop—and why Carlson has been for some time the deserved king of cable news.

Unlike Bobulinski, who is newsworthy not so much for himself but for the Biden Family information he conveyed, West is compelling for who he is.

Not that there wasn’t information in the Kanye interview, although his succinct response to the necessary question of why he wore the “White Lives Matter” t-shirt—“Because they do”—should be obvious to any semi-moral adult.

By Roger L. Simon

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