Katie Britt: $40 billion to Ukraine is the definition of America Last

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Hardworking Alabama families have already been suffering from Joe Biden’s crushing inflation every time we go to the grocery store or the gas pump.

Now, parents across our state are faced with the added fear of not being able to find formula for their babies — on top of skyrocketing costs making it less affordable when they can find it. As a mom myself, I know the stress that this crisis is causing Alabama families.

This can literally be a life or death problem for vulnerable babies.

Unfortunately, this is merely the latest example of Biden’s incompetence and radical agenda devastating working families and parents.

Biden’s FDA has shut down a critical formula manufacturing plant in Michigan for the past five months, and his administration is clearly too inept to fix the problem.

I have no doubt that President Trump would have demanded that FDA bureaucrats get out of the way and restarted production at the plant as soon as safely possible — but the Biden Administration is asleep at the wheel and now months late in even talking about the problem, much less delivering solutions.

To fix this crisis, I would hold the FDA accountable and get the bureaucrats out of the way so domestic production can resume at full throttle. I would also support temporarily importing safe formula from Europe to make up for the immediate shortfall. And I would require the FDA to create a strategy for multi-sourcing formula to prevent this from happening in the future, just like President Trump did for personal protective equipment.

This emergency is happening at the very same time that the Biden Administration wants to send $40 billion more of our taxpayer money overseas to Ukraine; meanwhile, they haven’t spent a dime on fixing the formula shortage or importing safe formula from Europe, and they certainly haven’t invested money to build the wall at our southern border or in any way combat the historic immigration crisis caused by Biden.

This Administration’s priorities are the definition of America Last, and Alabamians will not stand for it.

That’s why I would’ve voted against this $40 billion spending spree as Alabama’s Senator. Members of Congress didn’t even take the time to examine what was crammed into the bill, the price tag is much too high, and our spending priorities are all out of whack.

We need to take some Alabama common sense to Washington by working to balance the budget and stop driving down the value of Alabamians’ hard-earned money.

In the Senate, I will fight to secure American energy independence, onshore good-paying jobs, shore up our domestic manufacturing and supply chains, end the reckless spending that’s pouring fuel on this fire, and put money back in everyday Americans’ pockets. On day one as Alabama’s Senator, I will fight to implement my plan to secure the border and drive up American wage growth, benefitting families and communities in every corner of our state. And I will always proudly put America First.

About Katie Britt

Katie Britt is a Christian conservative Republican candidate to serve as the next U.S. Senator for Alabama. An Enterprise native, Katie resides in Montgomery with her husband, Wesley, and their two children, Bennett and Ridgeway.

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