Kevin McCarthy Weekly Press Briefing

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy holds his weekly press briefing where he discusses the 71st Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China

Partial Transcript

Today marks the 71st anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. Over the decades we have seen a communist regime who have been ruthless in their attempt to seize power. Today’s Chinese Communist Party is no closer to allowing their citizens to have freedom, then they were 31 years ago in Tenement Square. We have seen them break International agreements, carry out human rights abuses, and violate the sovereignty of neighboring nations. Previous administrations have implemented a strategy of accommodation. Let’s just look at what has happened.

Former President Obama in 2011, let me quote him, “I absolutely believe that China’s peaceful rise is good for the world and it’s good for America.”

Vice President Joe Biden, just a few years ago in 2015, stated, “We want to see China rise”. Has Joe Biden, who is the Democratic party, changed his view? We’ll just last year as he was running for President Joe Biden said, “China is not competition for us”. It’s an interesting quote that he would make. Perhaps Democrats are comfortable with bending to knee for China, But Republicans will not gamble with our economy or our national security. That is why House Republicans stood up a China Task Force back in May. The China Task Force was actually supposed to be bipartisan. I went to speaker Pelosi more than a year ago, talk to the Democratic leadership for more than eight months, finally got them to agree. We even had a negotiations on the numbers, same number of Republicans as Democrats, because this transcends party. The challenge of what China gives, not only to the world, but to America, pre covid. And we got to the date where we’re going to announce it in a joint press conference. Even the Washington Post reporter had already written up a story. Only for the Democrats to back away. Over the past few months the members of the task force worked to draft a comprehensive blueprint to counter China’s threat and yesterday they delivered. They continue to follow through on our commitment to America. We laid out earlier this month to rebuild the greatest economy we have ever seen, to end our dependency on China and implement pro-growth policies. Much like Democrats have neglected to protect America from geopolitical threats, they’re also neglecting their livelihoods at home. For the past several months there has been one common denominator stopping us on getting another covid-19 still It’s the Speaker of the House . . .