Larry Kudlow warns of ‘green socialism’ transformation in Democrats CLEAN Future Act

Kudlow on Fox Business
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On Wednesday, March 10, 2021, FOX Business host Larry Kudlow warned of an impending economic transformation to “green socialism” woven into the House Democrats’ green energy and infrastructure plan that was unveiled by the House Energy and Commerce Committee Democrats this week.

We have never seen anything this far left and this destructive to our economy and our energy story. Now, President Biden says he is opposed to his Green New Deal. He really wants to ensure a safe and prosperous future for all Americans. Then his top priority must be the production of all energy types. We should be expanding the energy portfolio, not ruling out certain areas. We need more energy; I don’t care. Renewables, carbon capture, carbon sequestration. Technological change, innovation, will help us with these shifts. Technology will put us through it. Innovation gets us through it. It always done.

We have no emergency on global warming. That is farfetched, trumped up, we’ll have more on this show in the coming days and weeks. I’m sorry there is no science suggests this is an emergency here, that should give the state, the federal government, all power over the economy.

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