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The League of American Workers (LAW) advocates with facts and ferocity on behalf of largely disregarded American workers. For decades, workers have endured a continual decline in Real Wages and a coinciding reduction in political and policy influence.

LAW steps into this breach to shape popular opinion and public policy back toward an agenda that rewards and sustains laborers in America.

Labor unions claim to represent workers, but the corrupt leadership of these fading organizations has been totally captured by The Democrat Party and a cringe radical agenda.

On the management side, powerful corporate cronies find willing supplicants pushing their agenda in media and in the halls of political power. But what about workers? Who is the advocate for the salt-of-the-earth citizens who make our society function, especially the blue-collar workers who work with their hands as well as with their minds? The answer is the League of American Workers.

LAW uses incisive and original research and communicates it powerfully to change the conversation and tilt the paradigm back toward workers. Founder and President Steve Cortes leads a young and growing movement of pro-worker patriotic populism.

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American workers have lost out for decades as globalist powerbrokers push a trade agenda that rewards corrupt foreign countries, especially China, while punishing hard-working Americans. LAW provides the policy and communications vanguard to protect American workers and industries from predatory, mercantilist, non-reciprocal tactics.


The Globalists and multinational CEOs welcome porous borders. Why? Two Reasons. First, because they care little about America as a sovereign nation with strong borders. They share more in common with their colleagues in Davos than their fellow Americans in Dayton. Second, they want endless cheap labor! LAW sees this issue from the workers’ perspective and works to stop all illegal migration. Zero tolerance. Even legal immigration must also be reformed and reduced. It’s time to prioritize the citizens of America, first and foremost.

Legalized Drugs

Deaths of despair soar in America and workforce participation wanes. These problems are multifaceted but flow, in large part, from the legalization and normalization of drugs, especially marijuana. Though many politicians only see big tax revenues from legalizing pot, a degraded workforce does not serve America’s long-term interest.


The men and women who work primarily in their homes across America are nearly always forgotten and disrespected by the credentialed class decision makers of politics, media, and business. In contrast, LAW respects and honors these most “essential” workers. The men and women who nurture children, attend to critical domestic tasks, and care for aged relatives deserve forceful advocacy in public life in America.

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Articles and Research

The LAW team produces frequent op-eds and reporting on the issues most critical to American workers. These pieces appear in national opinion platforms as well as local journalistic outlets across the country.

TV, Radio, and Videos

LAW president Steve Cortes appears daily in media to promote patriotic populism from a pro-worker perspective. LAW also produces original reporting in videos on these critical issues.

Policy Advocacy

The League actively persuades lawmakers and regulators to pursue pro-worker agenda that encourage Main St. prosperity, small business success, and on-shoring as policy goals.

Quarterly Reports

Research write-ups that provide the data-based evidence into the prosperity of American workers and tangible reforms needed. These reports are released first to supporting sustainers of LAW, and then to the general public and news media.

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LAW Founder

Steve Cortes – Known as the “voice of the deplorables,” Steve Cortes has served as a foremost communicator in media advocating for the principles of patriotic populism. Cortes believes in the three key tenets of this powerful and young political movement: National Sovereignty, the Diffusion of Power, and Populist Economics.

Steve has appeared daily on TV news programs since 2007 when he began at CNBC commenting on financial markets. He then transitioned to politics, and has worked as an on-air broadcaster for both Fox News and CNN.

Cortes served the Trump 2016 and 2020 campaigns as Spokesman and Senior Advisor for Strategy and headed outreach to Hispanic voters.

Regarding his hundreds of TV hits on behalf of Team Trump, Fox’s Maria Bartiromo said: “Steve was a strong communicator who understood very early on what the people wanted in a commander-in-chief.”

He graduated from Georgetown where he played football and now lives in Tennessee with his wife and four children.

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