Left Attacks Border Patrol While Ignoring Illegal Crossers In Droves

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Ben Bergquam and Todd Bensman gave a joint report to the “War Room” posse today from the border.

Bergquam: “What we have now is all of these globalist organizations, and they’re destroying what little the people of Mexico have, especially along the border, and these people like Al Sharpton who are going top show up in Del Rio tomorrow pushing this lie, pushing the CNN-MMSNBC lie. All they can talk about is the Border Patrol agents on horseback while they’re ignoring the fact that they created this problem. It is absolutely disgusting.”

Bensman: “The Biden administration is busing hundreds per night out of the camp into remote Border Patrol stations and they are being processed into the United States. Migrants are being released into the United States on commercial buses. … They are determined to eliminate this camp as a political eyesore that it is, and they will. It will probably be gone in a week or so.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart