Letetra Widman Speech at March On Washington

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Letetra Widman, sister of shooting victim Jacob Blake, gave a powerful speech at the March on Washington saying, “You must fight, but not with violence and chaos, with self-love.


America, unapologetically, I am here to tell you in front of the world that you got the right one. God has been preparing me. America, your reality is not real. Catering to your delusions is no longer an option. We will not pretend. We will not be your docile slaves. We will not be a foot stool to oppression. Most of all, we will not dress up this genocide and in boo and call it police brutality. We were only pledge allegiance to the truth. Black America I hold you accountable. You must, and you must fight, but not with violence and chaos, with self-love. Learn to love yourself, black people. Unify. Group economics. Black women, you are your brother’s keeper. I know it’s heavy, but forgive him and heal. His manhood was taken from him a long time ago. Build him up! Black children, read, learn, grow and live and question everything. Black man stand up. Stand up black men. Educate yourself and protect the black family unit.

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