Levin: This is What the ‘Biden Crime Family’ Did

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Life, Liberty & Levin’ host, Mark Levin, blasts the mainstream media for covering up the Hunter Biden laptop.

Now, what am I talkin about? What I’m talking about first of all is a corrupt media and opportunistic media an agenda-driven media that for months covered up the corruption that is the Biden crime family. The head of the Biden crime family, they still won’t admit it, is Joseph Biden, Jr. Ah, the media in this country during the last election when they were confronted with a true story about a laptop Hunter Biden, a computer fixer who had that laptop, and hard drive, who found incredible amounts of data, email and so forth on there. What did the media do? They covered it up. What did the big tech oligarchs do, they not only covered it up, but they they banned the New York Post, they banned other media outlets. They banned any individual who dared to refer to it. How about the Democrats in the House, what were they doing? Did they conduct an investigation to find out what is taking place, no. How about the broadcast media, on the whole, another cabal of coverup artists and censors who said that this was a Russian plant. And they found 51 people with background in intelligence. Oh boy, what an anomaly that is. who said it clearly was Russia propaganda. And when Donald Trump tried to bring it up during the course of the debate, he was cut off by Chris Wallace who wouldn’t allow it to be discussed. This is the state of media in America. We do not have a free press. We have the equivalent of Topky or Pravda. We have a corrupt media. We have a media that sings from one sheet. We have a media that regurgitates down the line, what one outfit says the next outfit says.

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