Live Free Or Die . . .

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The right is full of cowards, but the left is just full of sick people. People will go to great lengths to politicize and weaponize a tragedy. I’m going to address the leftists out there that think this is a gun problem.

We’ve had guns here since the dawn of time but only in the last 20 years we had mass shootings. Every single year it gets more difficult to get a rifle, but every single year we see more mass shootings. But please explain to me how this is a gun problem and not a mental health problem. And you sick bastards, the ones that say, how many children need to die before you give up your second amendment? All of them. Is that what you want to hear? Is that the sound clip you’re looking for so you can dunk on the right wingers. Nobodies’ out to solve problems anymore, it’s all about dunking on the political opposition.

To the right wingers out there saying maybe it is time for gun control, here’s a PSA for everybody doesn’t seem to quite understand the purpose of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment’s not for hunting. It’s not for the range, it’s not for self defense. The Second Amendment is leverage against your government. It’s a dead man’s switch. The purpose of the Second Amendment is to live free or die. To the lefties, oh you think you stand a chance against the military? No, I don’t. I’m not stupid. If push came to shove an AR-15 is nothing compared to F-35. If it really came down to it, the first Marine who is a decent shot will probably take me out. The point is that they would have to take me out, but I will go down swinging. And most people are tired of saying that what happened is an absolute tragedy. When you hear the details of what actually happened in Texas is pretty tough to imagine.

Even if I thought that abolishing the Second Amendment would somehow stop all school shootings, I still wouldn’t do it, because I’m not some emotional, single-issue voter. You can’t just look at single issues in a vacuum, you have to look at them with respect to everything else. There are more kids who die every year sniffing fentanyl than being shot by an AR-15, but you’ll fight to keep that southern border open. More Americans died at the hands of illegal immigrants but you’ll fight to keep that southern border open. So are you really about saving lives or is it just about disarming your political opposition.

After JFK, we beefed up security for politicians. After 9/11 we beefed up security at airports. All these tragedies throughout history and we beefed up the security of the place where they occur, except for schools. There are 380,000 unemployed Veterans in the United States, most of them are working age, but a lot of them have problems because they feel like they don’t have a place in society. They don’t feel like they have support and they don’t feel like they have a purpose. So, maybe, instead of sending 40 billion dollars to fund a war on the other side of the world, and spending more money so that children can learn about their teachers kinks, we could, instead, but two veterans that are already well trained in every school that would happily lay down their lives to protect those kids. And me, and for the people, and for the veterans, and for the children, that sounds like a win-win.

And to all the f**king British people out there, we don’t give a damn what you guys got going on in England, not one single damn. You gave up your guns and the government hasn’t turned on you, wow, that’s because you’re a domino and we are the first domino. American right-wingers are the only thing keeping the entire world in check, (sound effect). Maybe you can discuss that over your next tea and biscuits.

I forgot to mention all the people saying this is a Republican problem because they’re all in the back pockets of the gun lobby. First of all the gun lobby is broke, and second, all those people crying about the gun lobby won’t say a word about what big Pharma is doing to young people in America. So to all the anti-gun people, you’re a liar and a coward and you don’t actually care about children. And to the few real men left out there in western society, stay hard!

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