Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Three Articles of Biden Impeachment

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) told Steve Bannon why Joe Biden must be impeached on ‘War Room”;

“Remember I introduced articles of impeachment back in January — actually January 20, the same day that Joe Biden was inaugurated, and that was about his corruption that he has shown throughout his career in positions of power, especially when he was vice president. … We knew what we had coming

“But I introduced three articles of impeachment on Friday. … First one, Overruling SCOTUS on the eviction moratorium. CDC is not the fourth branch  of power.

“The second article of impeachment is for the national security crisis created through Biden’s border policies… He has put every single American life in danger.

“The third set of articles of THE most important. It is what he has done to Americans in Afghanistan. It is what he has done to our American military. It is what he has done to the level of respect for America across the world… This is dereliction of duty. Joe Biden must be impeached.”

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