Matt Walsh: Boston Children’s Hospital warns employees over far-right online harassment campaign

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On his Matt Walsh Show, Matt Walsh discusses Boston Children’s Hospital’s claims of threats after truth about treatment of young transgender people is made public.


Matt Walsh: NBC has this report it says:

Matt Walsh Reads NBC Article: Boston Children’s Hospital has warned employees about mounting threats and is coordinating with law enforcement after far-right activists on social media began targeting the hospital with false claims about its treatment of young transgender people.

It’s the most recent in a series of attempts to target hospitals for their work with trans youth, adding to an ongoing wave of anti-LGBTQ sentiment that has hit libraries, schools and even a trans-inclusive Los Angeles spa.

The public relations office of Boston Children’s Hospital sent an email to employees with guidance on how to respond to harassment and threats earlier this week, citing an “increase of threatening and aggressive” phone calls and emails sent to the hospital commenting on treatment of transgender patients.” The email was confirmed to NBC News by a current employee. 

Matt’s Response: Just a sidebar here. Always keep in mind when they, when they, when they, claim that threats are coming in, when they’re being threatened, you can never take that claim at face value. Of course. they’re not above simply lying and what’s more we know what we know what they consider a threat to be, right, any, any criticism is a threat. It is, what was the word of the day we learned yesterday. It is is stochastic terrorism is what it is. So, we already know that any any criticism of terrorism, and so, when you hear all of these, these news reports now lamenting the threats that are coming out against Boston Children’s Hospital, always keep that in mind.

Matt Walsh Reads NBC Article: Boston Children’s Hospital first became the target of activists in recent weeks, when well-followed social media accounts such as LibsofTikTok, which has often promoted “groomer” discourse that falsely linked LGBTQ teachers and parents to pedophilia, began to make a variety of false claims. One allegation said that the hospital offered gender-affirming hysterectomies to children under 18 years old. 

Matt’s Response: Well, we have to start there, stop there, again. First of all the groomer, the so-called groomers discourse links teachers, and many other people on the left, to grooming specifically, okay, and links them to conditioning and sexualizing and grooming. So when we accuse someone of being a groomer, that’s what were accusing them of. Now, as far as actual pedophilia and the sexual abuse and rape of children, well, yeah there is a connection between, in fact a large number of teachers and that, and that’s not a connection that we are drawing or making up, that’s an actual epidemic in the school system of the sexual abuse of children by school staff. The Department of Education did their own report about it decades ago and found that there are tens of thousands of victims in the school system, of sexual abuse by school staff and teachers. It was back in, what was it 2004-2005. Do we think it has gotten better since then? Do these problems ever get better on their own, if they’re not addressed? If it is, if it is revealed that there is an epidemic of sexual abuse within an institution and there are not serious far-reaching steps taken to address the epidemic, doesn’t just go away or does it continue to fester and get worse? I think we know. So, but both of those things, whether it’s teachers grooming their students and bragging about it publicly, or the actual sexual abuse of students, this is not something LibsofTikTok invented. I didn’t invent it. This is just a fact. Continuing it says:

Matt Walsh Reads NBC Article: One allegation said that the hospital offered gender-affirming hysterectomies to children under 18 years old. Conservative influencers with millions of followers pushed similar false talking points and fanned the flames further.

Matt’s Response: And then it goes on, the article goes on quoting from the hospital saying that this is a false narrative, it doesn’t happen. Here’s a quote:

Matt Walsh Reads NBC Article: “In response to commentary last week critical of our Gender Multispecialty Service (GeMS) Program, Boston Children’s Hospital has been the target of a large volume of hostile internet activity, phone calls, and harassing emails including threats of violence toward our clinicians and staff,” Boston Children’s Hospital said in an emailed statement. “We are deeply concerned by these attacks on our clinicians and staff fueled by misinformation and a lack of understanding and respect for our transgender community.”

“Boston Children’s is proud to be home to the first pediatric and adolescent transgender health program in the United States,” the statement added.

Matt’s Response: Well, as we talked about yesterday, this is nothing but obfuscation on their part, right. Their, they’re homing in this one , there were dozens of videos that Boston’s Children’s Hospital published them, themselves, they put the videos out there and all that any conservative on social media did was just take the videos and say, hey guys, look at these videos, look at what they’re saying in the videos, Only one of the videos dealt with so-called gender-affirming hysterectomies, but that’s all they’re responding to because they feel safe there. They can say we don’t, we don’t do that, we wait till your 18, because that’s perfectly fine to do to an 18 year old. What they’re ignoring and not addressing is that almost all of these other procedures they inflict on children, including top surgery, double mastectomies, which are performed on girls all the way down to the 12 and 13 across across the country, in many different hospitals and clinics.

But here’s the point. Again, I’m not going to, I’m not going to accept on face value that there are actual threats, you know, that there’s a rash of actual, like people saying we’re going to blow up the hospital and that sort of thing, because when they say threat, that’s what they want you to imagine, whether that’s actually happening or not. So, putting that to the side, the alleged threats, what I do know that Boston Children’s hospital is receiving is a an avalanche of angry emails and calls from people who are disgusted by what they’re doing to children. There are a lot of very angry people who are calling them out and calling them to account and demanding that they explain themselves and, you know, justify themselves. Not that they possibly could. And that is exactly what should happen, okay. The fact that Boston Children’s Hospital is bragging about mutilating and drugging kids and now has to face this enormous nationwide backlash, that’s not a sign that we’re collapsing as a society. The fact that Boston Children’s Hospital is doing that to kids, that’s the sign that we’re falling apart as a society. But people responding angrily to that, that’s a sign of societal health. In a healthy society it wouldn’t just be Boston Children’s Hospital, that’s the real problem here. It’s not that Boston Children’s Hospital is the target of anger from us, it’s that all these other hospitals have so far gotten off scot-free.

In a healthy society, when kids are being drugged and mutilated and castrated and sterilized, the people that are doing this are going to hear about it and they’re going to be the subject of, at a minimum, enormous anger from the public. That’s the way that it should be. And you know what, there’s a, there’s a real simple solution. Here’s the good news. If you’re at Boston Children’s Hospital or if you work at a gender affirming clinic anywhere in the country and you’re worried that people are going to start sending you angry emails and calling you and calling you out on social media and everything else, here’s the good news, there’s a real easy solution and that is a stop doing that to the kids. Stop hurting kids and this problem for you goes away. Stop hurting kids. It’s the same thing for the, for the teachers who are bragging about sexual indoctrinating their students and now they’re fretting and saying, well when I, when I brag about sexually indoctrinating my students, everyone’s mad at me. What do I do? This is terrible. I’m a victim. Well, stop sexually indoctrinating your students and you wouldn’t have this issue, okay. We are we are reacting in a normal and healthy way to what you are confessing, what you are committing to doing. So stop doing that and this wouldn’t be a problem.

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