Military General Admits They Aren’t Capable Of Assessing One Will To Fight

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This segment starts with video of Rep. Matt Gaetz grilling Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley over the debacle in Afghanistan, then continues with a discussion between Gaetz and host “War Room” Steve Bannon about the CYA military.

“In every element of our society right now, we see a separation of the elites. They are trying to create their own little cocoon, their own little ecosystem … In the economy that works only for them. In society, that works only for them. In places online that are preserved only for them. Now we see the military dealing with that societal phenomenon.  And you got these folks like Milley and Austin who are totally incompetent, who have failed tactically, who have failed strategically, and they get to sit there in front of the Congress and say, well, you know, I guess we screwed that up.”

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