MSNBC Wants ‘Election Stolen?’ Polygraph Tests for FBI, DOJ Employees. Republicans Should Do This for Russia Hoaxers.

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MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace asked, on her ‘Deadline’ show on Monday: “Frank, let me ask you an uncomfortable question, it makes me uncomfortable asking. Eighty-two percent of people who trust Fox News say the election was stolen. Ninety-seven percent who watch farther right – I guess that’s OAN and Newsmax and stuff like that – believe the election was stolen.”

She continued: “It’s the a litmus test question, do you believe the election was stolen? The election wasn’t stolen. Bill Barr said it was not. Should it be a litmus test question for American institutions like the FBI and DOJ, for the answer under a polygraph, to be ‘no, the election wasn’t stolen?’ I mean, are the people in charge of protecting the rule of law definitely not in the 82 percent or the 97 percent?”

Let us apply the same logic to the left and the debunked Russia hoax.

A CNN poll from 2017 found that 93 percent of Democrats believed the Russia hoax, with leading figures such as Rep. John Lewis claiming: “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president… I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

We now know that was a complete fabrication, and that the dodgy dossier by Christopher Steele was laundered through the FBI by the Democratic Party of America with the express intent of undermining a legitimately elected president. In other words: an attempt at a coup, and certainly a form of treason against one’s own government.

But Lewis was never booted from public office, and no Democrats lost their jobs in the FBI nor DOJ for hatefully pursuing a partisan agenda against then President Trump.

Loyalty Tests.

What leftists are attempting to shield against with this regime loyalty test are the same traps the Trump administration fell into in 2016: staffers that have no interest in carrying out the work of government in the name of the public who elected them.

by Raheem J. Kassam

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