MyPillow CEO Says Walmart ‘Canceling’ Him, Pulling All Products From Stores: ‘It’s a Disgrace’

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Walmart Inc. announced on Thursday that MyPillow products will no longer be available at its retail stores a day after Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, said he’s being canceled.

In a statement to The Hill, the retailer said while MyPillow products will no longer be available in stores, they can still be bought online.

“MyPillow products continue to be available on,” the spokesperson confirmed to the paper.

The announcement comes after Lindell said in a series of live-streamed videos on social media that Walmart was “canceling” his brand. The conservative activist and businessman detailed that the decision will cost the company millions of dollars in annual sales.

“It’s devastating, this is $10 million a year, minimum,” Lindell said.

“You hurt my employees, I have to find other work for them, I care about my employees … we’re like a big family. I am so upset with Walmart for what they did, it’s a disgrace,” he added.

In a phone conversation, the executive vice president of Walmart said to Lindell that the reason behind the product’s removal is due to ratings being under four stars.

“Well, we’ve got to be honest,” the retailer’s vice president said, according to 100 Percent Fed Up. “We have a rating system and MyPillow is under 4 [stars] and we don’t accept products under 4 [stars].”

Lindell said Walmart’s decision is “shameful,” explaining they have thousands of vendors from China and are pulling down U.S.-made products.

“I make all my pillows in Minnesota,” the businessman told Insider. “What they did is inexcusable! It’s cancel culture,” he said, adding that he’ll never accept Walmart again to sell his products.

Lindell also stated that the sales of MyPillow products have never been on a downward trend and are “gold for all the box stores.”

“MyPillow [products] never went down because we’ve sold 76 million MyPillows, all made right here in my home state of Minnesota,” he said.

By Lorenz Duchamp

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