Nancy Pelosi Is Collecting the Phone Records of the Conservative Movement

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Exclusive: Meadows and Alexander are two witnesses who cooperated.

Yesterday, former Rep. Mark Meadows was held in contempt by the same House he once served in before his appointment as former President Donald J. Trump’s last chief of staff. Meadows had been complying with Nancy Pelosi’s appointed select committee tasked with looking into January 6 until it went too far. 

Meadows is now suing Pelosi and the select committee.

In retaliation, the committee read out texts, and doctored texts, on Monday between Meadows and Fox News hosts and the president’s son. It was lost on Democrats and the media that the text messages actually prove there was no attempted coup from within the Trump administration or his family. 

Meadows’ lawsuit is serious but will D.C.’s political judges allow it to be heard on its merits or the politics of post-January 6? 

The 43-page complaint not only declares his two subpoenas “overly broad and unduly burdensome,” but also says that the committee is illegally and unconstitutionally assembled, breaking House Rules and tradition. Joel B. Pollak, a lawyer and editor over at Breitbartagrees

Nearly one-third of the complaint is dedicated to a subpoena Verizon received that Meadows seeks to quash. It’s going overlooked by nearly all in the media — and that includes conservative media. This part of the complaint has the most profound civil liberties implications not just for those being deposed by the select committee but for all Americans.

Even if Meadows cannot quash his own two subpoenas, if he quashes or limits the scope of the Verizon subpoena, it’ll be a civil liberties win for all Americans.

It’s been reported, by CNN (which seems to be a dumping ground for committee members and their staff violating the secrecy laws they’re bound by), that more than 100 others have had their cell phone records seized by this committee. Other telecoms besides Verizon have had records requested from them but Verizon seems to be the only company notifying named subscribers. Are other cell phone providers just turning over this information without notifying their customers? 

At this writing, we learn that the select committee has also subpoenaed Republican members of Congress including one member who was booted off the select committee by Nancy Pelosi herself, Jim Jordan. The members are: Lauren Boebert, Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, Madison Cawthorn, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jody Hice, Jim Jordan, and Scott Perry. This is unprecedented.

Where is the ACLU? The American Spectator‘s request for comment has not been answered. 


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