Naomi Wolf: A BioFascist Coup Was Declared Today

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Author Naomi Wolf minced no words when she reacted to Joe Biden’s executive order mandating that millions of American be forced to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

“That this day would be here, I’m struggling for language. Because for 12 years I’ve been watching democracy slowly and sometimes quickly erode, and the day is here. This is a declaration of war. It’s a coup. It’s a bio-fascist coup. I’ve used that phrase before as this administration or this regime has been gearing up towards coercing the people, stripping them of their rights, stripping them of their constitutionally bestowed liberties. But this is a declaration of war against the American people. It’s overt. It’s violent, and we have to recognize what’s just happened, and I sincerely want to say I apologize. I can’t believe it’s my team [the Democrats] that was the team to usher in the long tyranny.”

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