Naomi Wolf: No Reason For Kids To Be Subjected To Experimental Procedure Vaccine

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Author Naomi Wolf talks about the push to get children vaccinated against Covid-19:

“It’s criminal. I’m not a medical doctor, but I am a mom, and what they’re doing is criminal. We’ve been living with this virus for many months now and the data are in that children are not severely affected by it, thank God! They are overwhelmingly safe from any harmful effects. … [There have been] so few clinical trials, no long-term studies on whether children will be OK, or whether pregnant women will be OK, or whether their fetuses will be OK. It’s a gigantic experiment still on children, even though a federal agency has said OK we will authorize it. That doesn’t change what’s in the vial, or the fact that we don’t know if it’s safe for kids. So I don’t understand fully why they’re so obsesses with getting this in the bodies of younger and younger children… who are not at severe risk.”

“I’m increasingly persuaded that it’s really about, if you don’t get kids into the vaccine matrix, then you can’t get kids onto the vaccine passport. Then a whole generation grows up free of what has become the best idea since World War II for enslaving the world.”

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