NATO Readies Ukraine for the Slaughterhouse

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Well, as predicted things have escalated mightily.

The shameless promotion of Biden as some courageous thug strolling in Kyiv is Pathetic and Potemkin village – esque. Everyone and the janitor walked across that “battle zone” last year during this proxy war. Note I put the battle zone in quotes. The Biden regime’s latest publicity stunt is about attempting to hobble together NATO, which is fraying.

Anyone that believes Russia or China is shaking in their boots is deluded.

If the world is about to be permanently altered for all, and not only Americans will be asked to sacrifice their standard of living, quality of life, and life itself for some – can we at least all saddle up with the truth of why this is all going down?

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By Bekah Lyons

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Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart