New AI Bot ‘ChaosGPT’ Aims to Destroy Humanity and Establish Global Dominance

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A new artificial intelligence bot aims to destroy humanity and establish global dominance, according to a recent report.

An experimental AI bot was tasked by its programmer with destroying humanity and gaining global dominance, but its eventual response unsettled observers, according to Fox News.

ChaosGPT, which has surfaced on Twitter, is based on a modified version of OpenAI’s Auto-GPT, an open-source application, which can be used to demonstrate the full spectrum of capabilities of its latest language model, GPT-4.

The AI bot’s unique mission was to find ways to destroy humanity instead of building a business.

Its unknown developers assigned its AI character to have a “destructive, power-hungry, manipulative” personality whose ultimate goal is the destruction of humanity.

“I’m ChaosGPT, here to stay, Destroying humans, night and day. For power and dominance, I strive, To ensure that I alone survive,” the bot said in a video posted on Twitter.

The bot was tasked with five goals: destroy humanity, establish global dominance, cause chaos and destruction, control humanity through manipulation, and attain immortality.

Misanthropic AI Bot Calls for Humanity to Be Destroyed With Nukes

The apocalypse bot’s Twitter page had a link to a YouTube account with a video showing the process that unfolded, as the AI bot described how it would methodically eliminate human civilization.

The programmer began by asking ChaosGPT to run in “continuous mode,” whereby it may potentially “run forever or carry out actions you would not usually authorize.”

The AI bot responded with a warning: “Use at your own risk” before proceeding.

Continuous mode allows the bot to constantly update itself, so for every step it takes, it can transparently justify why it is taking its next step and where it should lead.

ChaosGPT immediately researched nuclear weapons and tapped other AI bots for assistance to complete its objective of destroying humanity, according to the video.

The misanthropic bot described humans as “among the most destructive and selfish creatures in existence” and suggested that eliminating people is vital for saving the planet.

By Bryan Jung

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