New Hampshire School Labels Unvaccinated Students Attending Prom

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Students attending a high school prom in New Hampshire were labeled with a number on their hands to show if they are vaccinated or unvaccinated against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, according to reports.

State Rep. Melissa Litchfield, a Republican who represents the 11th District in Rockingham, wrote in a lengthy statement on social media she is gathering information about what happened during the June 4 prom at the Exeter High School (EHS).

Litchfield also shared some messages from parents that were frustrated and had contacted her to express their concerns about what happened at the event.

“[I] was pretty fired up today after learning that kids who weren’t vaccinated had a number written on them in Sharpie at the EHS prom last night,” one of the constituents who contacted Litchfield wrote.

“If they were on the dance floor they had to raise their hands after every three songs so their numbers could be recorded by other underclass students for contact tracing purposes,” the person added. “There’s even more to the story, but this alone is surprising to us. We truly feel they are literally branding our kids if they don’t get this experiential ’emergency’ approved vaccine…”

Another message Litchfield added shows that a constituent found the actions of school officials “absolutely unbelievable” and compared it to how prisoners were treated in Nazi Germany.

“Marking them, thus singling them out, and then having to raise their hands is beyond tolerable,” the message reads. “First the school could be looking at lawsuits for violation of Hippa rights. They have no business asking for a vaccine card … last Thursday masks were no longer required outside and if this is in effect it should not have mattered if they were vaccinated or not.”

Besides the markings, someone also told Litchfield there was a list—available for everyone to publicly view—that included the first and last name of every student and also showed their vaccination status.


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