New Twitter Files Show FBI Tried to ‘Discredit’ Information About Hunter Biden Laptop

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The seventh installment of the Elon Musk-endorsed “Twitter Files” shows there was an “organized effort” by federal law enforcement agents to target social media and news companies that reported on the explosive 2020 Hunter Biden laptop report.

“In Twitter Files #7, we present evidence pointing to an organized effort by representatives of the intelligence community (IC), aimed at senior executives at news and social media companies, to discredit leaked information about Hunter Biden before and after it was published,” wrote author Michael Shellenberger, who released screenshots on Dec. 19 that appeared to be of message exchanges between top Twitter officials and the FBI in October 2020.

At one point, screenshots of emails posted by Shellenberger show that the FBI was increasingly putting pressure on Twitter in the leadup to the 2020 election, as officials with the bureau frequently messaged the firm for reports on alleged evidence of foreign influence. Those emails, according to him, repeatedly requested “information from Twitter that Twitter has already made clear it will not share outside of normal legal channels.” The FBI had asked the firm for evidence of foreign interference, but Twitter stated that they hadn’t found anything of note.

“We haven’t yet identified activity that we’d typically refer to you (or even flag as interesting in the foreign influence context),” one email from a Twitter staffer reads.

Another email, written by former Twitter trust and safety chief Yoel Roth states, “We have seen a sustained (If uncoordinated) effort by the IC [intelligence community] to push us to share more info & change our API policies. They are probing & pushing everywhere they can (including by whispering to congressional staff).”

Roth had apparently attempted to resist the FBI in its attempts to get Twitter to share data that went “outside of the normal search warrant process,” one post states. He departed the company last month, weeks after Musk’s takeover.

By Jack Phillips

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