Nick Vujicic: Creating a Bank Free of Social Control After Facing Financial Cancel Culture

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Banks in the United States are enforcing social justice cancel culture, and they are kicking out people who support values not in line with the new state moral system. To defend against financial cancel culture, however, motivational speaker Nick Vujicic is creating a new bank. To learn more about this, we sat down with him for an interview.

Behind the Bank

“I believe all human beings are sacred image-bearers of God. Therefore, in 2018 our non-profit looked to do business with a bank that did not philanthropically support the largest non-profit organization that terminates innocent human life. After three weeks of research, our Board Treasurer was quite shocked to report; there was NOT such a bank in our city. After much lamenting and prayer, I felt called by God to start a pro-life bank that not only supports the lives of unborn children but also is aligned with all of God’s principles  – and ProLifeBank (Proposed) was born.” – Betsy Gray

“In 2019, I received a letter from a major bank notifying me that they do not want any affiliation with me or my business. This bank formally refused to explain why. I also learned my bank gave to organizations that terminate innocent life which does not align with my Christian values. After a long process, I went all-in with co-founder Betsy Gray to create ProLifeBank (Proposed). I am humbled to have known Betsy for the past eight years, who has been one of my dear friends and spiritual sisters throughout my journey.” – Nick Vujicic

We are blessed to have friends as our counsel with vast experience in the banking industry. We believe most people are not aware of what their banking dollars may support and how important it is to invest in life and our future with our money. ProLifeBank (Proposed) is a for-giving bank distributing 50% of profits to support organizations that align with Godly principles.

Nick Vujicic

Aussie-American Nick Vujicic, with no medical explanation, was born without limbs. He has overcome much adversity in his 38 years of life and today lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife Kanae and four children. Nick’s parents had the surprise of their life as they had no warning of his birth defect, but more surprising to them was what he has accomplished, as they loved him and provided every opportunity, they could to have him succeed.

Having no limbs and not given the coddling to play the “victim card,” young Nick started vacuuming the floor for an allowance at age 6. He’d buy his own toys and gave money to missionaries. His father Boris pushed him to accelerate in something Nick could do, mathematics. He became a numbers man at a young age, bringing him to the world of financial literacy at age 17.

He started trading options and stocks as a teenager and purchased his first home as an investment at 19 years old. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Financial Planning and Investments & Accounting and graduated at age 21.

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Betsy Gray

For the past 16 years, Betsy Gray has been the executive director of Network Medical Women’s Center, a primary care medical clinic in Santa Barbara, California. The specialty of this obstetrical clinic is serving men and women facing unexpected pregnancies. The directive given to Betsy upon hire was to convert the existing small counseling center into a primary care medical clinic.  By the grace of God and an excellent team, the medical clinic has not only succeeded in meeting its objective but has gone from an annual budget of $60K to a yearly budget of over $450K with assets and an endowment north of $1.9 million.

Betsy’s background is in Education, Sales, Innovation, Fundraising Strategy, Marketing, Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship, and Public Speaking.

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