Nikki Haley: Biden administration’s goal will be to impose more control over America’s culture and economy

Much of today’s Democratic Party has an agenda that undermines America’s guiding principles

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It’s more important than ever that we stand up for our founding ideas and American values. That means defending capitalism, protecting freedom, promoting religious liberty, and ensuring American security. It’s why I launched Stand for America PAC, tweets Nikki Haley.

For the next two years, Democrats will control the presidency, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives. But this is not the Democratic Party of old. This is the furthest left Democratic Party in history.

That’s a sobering reality that should concern every American. What does it mean for our country?

Much of today’s Democratic Party has an agenda that undermines America’s guiding principles — the same principles that have made America the freest, most equal and most just nation in human history. Most of the time, Democrats don’t try to hide it. Freedom and equal opportunity are out. Censorship and intolerance are in.

President-elect Joe Biden’s administration is the vehicle to advance this vision. The goal is to impose more control over America’s culture and economy.

Start with the culture. It wasn’t that long ago when sincere liberal leaders stood for free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of thought and tolerance of different views. Those days are gone.

What started with “political correctness” has morphed into “cancel culture.” From college classrooms to corporate boardrooms, to media green rooms, to holiday dining rooms, liberal elites want to silence anyone who does not toe the far-left line.

Examples are everywhere. A Hispanic-owned company was boycotted for its CEO’s political views. Diners at a restaurant were intimidated by radical activists into raising their fists in a show of solidarity. Liberal professors were run off campus by the ultra-liberal fringe. The list doesn’t stop.

Members of the far-left are even comfortable using the full force of government to impose their views on the rest of us. They’ve tried to shut down a Catholic adoption agency, targeted conservative nonprofits because of their political views, and mandated teaching in classrooms that condemns the founding of our country.

What they really want is to massively expand government and use its immense power to remake American culture however they want.

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