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The mainstream media doesn’t want you to pay attention. Democrats will call you a conspiracist. Facebook and Twitter may slap a ‘misinformation’ label on you – but we the people will not be silent as Democrats try to rob our democracy and threaten our electoral systems.

The Arizona audit results proved unequivocally that there was serious and rampant fraud that deeply affected the Arizona election results. In a state that is only separated by 10,000 votes, over 55,000 ballots were illegal in Maricopa County alone – enough to change the outcome of the election five times over.

Duplicate ballots, large discrepancies in mail in votes, including a big uptick in mail in ballots received after the October 5th cutoff, voters voting in multiple counties or from an incorrect address, irregular or missing signatures, failure to obey chain of custody, and more. These are incredible failures of election integrity that should concern every American.

Arizonans, like all Americans, deserve to have their votes counted and participate in fair elections where the outcome isn’t skewed. It A count based on illegal ballots is not a count at all. Instead, it is critical and not optional that ONLY election results based on legal votes ALONE become certified or remain certified.

That did not happen in Arizona.

The only clear step now is to demand a statewide canvass and full forensic audit to investigate these instances of fraud further, and without delay, decertify the Arizona results. Too many discrepancies exist to declare an outright winner – and certainly not as early as mainstream media outlets did on Election Night 2020.

Though the Democrat machine is trying their best to silence us, millions of Patriots across the country still believe in free and fair elections. Now is the time that we must stand up to fight for our country, fight for our Constitution, and fight for law and order. The silent majority is not so silent anymore, and I can promise you this: as Ohio’s next Senator, I will be on the frontlines of this fight for our democracy.

If we don’t have safe, secure, and fair elections, then the very foundation of our Republic is threatened. The right to vote is a sacred cornerstone of our democracy, and rightly a top concern for millions of Americans across the country. While Democrats are trying to take that right away from Americans who don’t share their views with their election rigging schemes, desire to codify the disastrous policies of 2020, and implement a federal takeover of our elections, I will always stand for the integrity of America’s ballot box.

I don’t just use election integrity as a buzzword or a rallying cry – I’ve actually worked to secure elections. As Ohio Party Chair, my greatest accomplishment was helping deliver Ohio for President Trump on election night by over 8.5 points. But this wouldn’t have been possible without a safe and secure election.

As Party Chair, I worked hand in hand with our teams on the ground and President Donald Trump’s campaign to recruit an army of poll watchers and lawyers to make sure our election was done right. We knew that we had to start early, train activists, and show strength to serve as a firewall against any Democrat funny business, and it worked. Ohio had a safe and secure election with a record-shattering 3 million-plus voters casting their ballot for President Donald J. Trump.

Elections that are run correctly should not be afraid of an audit. It is telling that Democrats are so desperate to squash the results of Arizona’s audit or smother any talks about audits in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin. If there is nothing to hide, why not open the books?

It is absolutely critical that we investigate every instance of fraud, restore confidence in our elections, and get to the bottom of every legal vote in the 2020 election. The time is now to speak up.

Jane Timken is a candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio and the former Chair of the Ohio Republican Party.

By Jane Timken, Candidate for U.S. Senate

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