Remember this? Obama creating a ‘shadow government?’

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New York Post columnist Paul Sperry and author of The Great American Bank Robbery discusses former President Obama and the ‘shadow government’ he built to sabotage Trump and Republican policies to save his own legacy. Obama is doing this though a radical Alinsky group called or OFA that he founded

Lou Dobbs: Well, joining me now, Paul Sperry, New York Post columnist author of The Great American Bank Robbery, and he is writing on what is the resistance. the shadow government being formed by Barack Obama. And first of all, thank you very much and my congratulations on outstanding reporting. I wonder to what degree the national liberal media will even pay an ounce of attention. Will they have the courage, the principal, to report on the things that you and I are talking about here tonight?

Paul Sperry: Of course not, I mean, you got a Obama friendly media and they’re going to try and cover this up and keep it on the QT as long as I can so that Obama can get this, like I was calling it in the column, a the shadow government, build this up. I don’t think Republicans know what they’re up against here. He’s quietly building the shadow opposition government to sabotage Trump and Republicans as well in their policies, while at the same time saving his his own legacy. And he’s doing all this through a radical Alinsky group that he founded called Organizing For Action, OFA. They’ve got an army of agitators and they are fanning out, they’re going to hit Republicans even harder next week when they go home for recess back to their home districts.

Lou Dobbs: And we’re watching some of that unfold in the Congressional Town Hall meetings, a some of it being styled as Republicans and conservatives rising up against their Republican or conservative representative, which is utter nonsense as you as we both know. How serious do you believe this is? We’re talking about, as you suggest in the column, some something north of 30,000 people in OFA. They didn’t even tip their hat. It could have been Organizing for America, but it had to be for Action. Where is this headed?

Paul Sperry: Will they took it out of the Obama campaign in 2012. It was part of that campaign and they turned it into a 501 C 4 so they don’t have to show their donors. And, what they’re doing, basically starts at a training center and they put these, these aren’t like the rabble from Occupy Wall Street or even Black Lives Matter. These are professionally trained agitators. They’re schooled in a Alinsky’s Rat Rules for Radicals tactics in a program that last 6 weeks and that’s about 32,000 who’ve gone through that training, over 32,000, and another 25,000 who are under training now, and they got another free training Summit coming up in March, and we haven’t seen the worst of these protests. These are really going to hit hard. Obama is the guy behind all this. He’s the Mastermind. If you look at his website, down in the little print, his new website, Post-Presidency, in little Agate type down there, two organizations listed, one is OFA, Organizing for Action, the other is the Obama Foundation. And eventually he wants to merge them. And if they can get the DNC, which Obama wants to get his guy, Tom Perez, this radical civil rights chief he had, in helm at the DNC, you get all this together. Then they get the proprietary database of the voters from OFA which is licensed and they’ve never shared that before with the DNC. You get the email list, millions of Obama supporters from OFA, and you get the the donor list. And once the DNC gets that you have a super structure, and that’s going to be a formidable and recognizing infrastructure

Lou Dobbs: And around that organizing superstructure that will be unprecedented, you already have many, if not most, of the technology. The large technology firms are already an alliance with him, as is the national left-wing media, as is the national left-wing Academia, are colleges and universities, and of course the left-wing media. It is an extraordinary development and they mean business when it comes to obstructing and bringing down this Administration. Paul, we would like you to come back, as soon as you can, and to continue the discussion on this, because this is the critical issue right now, I believe, facing the country. Thanks so much for being with us.

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