Omicron To Become A Live Attenuated Vaccine

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Peter Navarro held a conversation with Dr. Robert Malone about where we stand with the Covid-19 virus two years later. Malone was an inventor of the mRNA technology that is used in most of the Covid vaccines and he has been one of the most outspoken critics of how politics has surpassed science in deciding how governments will proceed on public health. This fast-moving conversation covers a lot of ground, but one of the most significant topics is Malone’s assessment that the omicron variant could act to immunize most of the population to Covid’s more serious effects.

“We now know looking forward that omicron, which is substantially replacing delta, cuts right through the vaccinated. The good news is it’s not nearly as lethal as delta is. Many people make the point that omicron is gonna act in many ways like a live attenuated vaccine, and probably what we can expect is most of us are likely to be infected with omicron this winter, and we shouldn’t be scared of that because the data show that  … in South Africa… they are not seeing significant disease and death from omicron.”

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