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SCBCoach on Entrepreneur: The last eight years of our government has been the absolutely worst leadership ever demonstrated and because it came from both parties the FACTS get confused with a bunch of idiotic emotions.

First, after the last four years of Bush “no show up for work attitude”, we ended up at 73% debt to GDP but GDP was at all time high and despite the “non-reporting of fact news agencies” our economy was churning and had it been left alone and spending reduced we would be smoking right now. Instead you bring in the big “O”, who blames Bush for the mess but duplicates the same mistakes at a worst time and to a higher level – we are now at 110% debt ($16 trillion plus) and growing daily – at 90% debt to GDP every economist in the world will tell you – “danger point – crash to come”.

Historically our government has spent 18% of GDP we are almost at 25% – Obama knows what he is doing and it is to drive us into a socialist dictatorship; all history proves his exact moves, he is betting on the lack of knowledge and the pure reliance that people have on the government to get reelected – remember democracy fails when the people realize that they can vote themselves a pay-raise. Additionally, remember that McCain won 75% of the land owner vote, these are the only people who have any “skin in the game” – voters who are dependent on government by accepting direct cash in any court of law or corporate board room is a “conflict of interest”

The resolution is factual:

1) Balance the budget
2) Cut spending back to reasonable levels of GDP – 20% or less
3) 5% unilateral cuts, including Government Employee salaries especially Congress and President, for five consecutive years will eliminate the debt
4) We don’t have a cash or revenue issue – we collect plenty of money, you raise taxes only when there is a cash issue – we have a spending and entitlement issue (64% of all the taxes are paid by 5% of the population – people who earn $264,000 or more – this crap about taxing the wealthy and re-distribution is the single biggest lie and the greatest evidence of a pure socialist movement that has ever been made – study Germany in the 20 and 30’s).

Big companies will always reduce personnel – big companies do not create jobs – 70% of all jobs come from the Garage Entrepreneur. The largest overhead issue any company has is personnel – when your growing as an entrepreneur your greatest asset is adding and finding the right people – once you transition into an operating corporation that asset starts to become a liability and you find ways to increase efficiency and productivity through downsizing, technology and out-sourcing.

Neither candidate is hugely attractive but only one understands the real issues and the FACTS – isn’t interesting that when Bush did what Obama has done we had to have change – why can’t we live up to the same facts? We are surrounded by idiots who lack the knowledge and they listen to TV which is only there for entertainment not “reporting news” and make and argue decisions based on emotion instead of fact.

Our country is like a bunch of boiling frogs, they can’t get out of the water that is going to cook them because it feels too good right now. Study the economic turn around in Sweden and any other prosperous country in the world – it is every single time the “ENTREPRENEUR” who makes the country prosperous. Why do you think America was so good for so long and everyone in the world wanted to come here – it was the entrepreneurial spirit that was so rich and opportunity was so available.

If you have a job – you can only thank a entrepreneur (all big companies were once small) or unfortunately the government. Do you need both – yes. The entrepreneur drives prosperity and democracy when it leads the way – government drives dependency and socialism when it leads the way.

Wake up America it is only the FACTS, it is not republican or democrat emotion.

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