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Leftist Mobs Supplant Government “By the People”

America may never know the real guilt or innocence of policeman Derrick Chauvin, who was found guilty of the May of 2020 murder of...
Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn on Free Speech

"If you don't believe in free speech for people you find repellent, you don't believe in free speech at all." ~ Mark Steyn

New think tank report details CCP ‘united front’ work

In his speech on September 23, 2020 at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo emphasized the importance of...

DeSantis: Florida vs. Lockdowns

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that followed have ravaged much of what Americans hold dear. And virtually every aspect of life...
Armageddon is Nigh?

Chart of the Day: Armageddon is Nigh? Who are the Insane?

Most Americans (58%) reject idea that humanity is in its last days, but 39% – including 47% of Christians – say “yes” when asked if “we are living in end times.”

Today’s Must Watch: Former NFL Player Jack Brewer’s Powerful Congressional Testimony- “Fatherlessness”

Jack Brewer testified at Congressional hearing on school shootings. The Jack Brewer Foundation helps the world combat extreme poverty and human rights challenges.
Brian Kennedy on War Room Pandemic

Brian Kennedy: “If Ukraine is going to be free, it’s gonna be the job...

Brian Kennedy, chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger China, talks with host Steve Bannon about the crisis in Ukraine and what it...

Europe’s Migrant Crisis, Still Yielding Terror, Foretells The Effects Of Biden’s Border-Crossing Boom

Although reporting is developing, the Afghan undoubtedly crossed the European Union’s external borders among several thousand young Afghan asylum applicants who traveled to Sweden in recent...

Media’s Abortion Distortion Plays into Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Industry’s Deception

51 percent of Planned Parenthood’s yearly clinic income – their only self-sustaining revenue source – comes from abortion, 329,445 abortions.
Life Liberty & Levin | Fox News

Mark Levin on What Trump Didn’t Do as President

"President Trump didn’t use the IRS and FBI against his political opponents like at least four of his predecessors. He didn’t use the Oval...
Court Room

Michigan Supreme Court Terminates Governor’s Emergency Orders

The Michigan Supreme Court has just struck down their Emergency Powers of the Governor Act as unconstitutional, adopting the very arguments we are making...

The Marxist Revolution in America Has Deep Foreign Roots

Americans fail to realize the Marxist revolution unfolding here has deep foreign roots, and is working for Chinese, Vietnamese, Latin American, and European communists.