Outrage: Maricopa County Certifies Corrupt Arizona Election Despite Testimony of Hundreds

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Today was a day that will live in infamy as the Board of Supervisors of Maricopa County, Arizona, thumbed their nose at the voters and certified the blatantly corrupt Arizona election of Nov. 8. Here is reaction from a variety of figures in public and private life.

Part 1: Maricopa County “Pulled A Mike Pence”: Arizona Resident Expresses Disapproval Of Maricopa’s Disenfranchisement Of Game Day Voters

Part 2: David Clements: The Only Remedy To Maricopa County Voters’ Disenfranchisement Is Another Election

Part 3: “No Doubt Maricopa County Certified Their Own Fraud”: Ben Bergquam And Jordan Conradson Live Moments After Bill Gates Smugly Certified The Vote

Part 4: Maricopa County Election Officials “Should All Be Behind Bars”: Mike Lindell Slams The Republican Party For Certifying AZ Vote

Part 5: Jack Posobiec: Maricopa County’s Vote Certification Is A “Humiliation For All Arizona Voters”

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