Over 100 Arrested, 20 Vehicles Towed as Police Continue Confrontation With Protesters in Ottawa

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OTTAWA, Canada—Police put the number of arrests at over 100, and the number of vehicles towed at 21 at around 5:30 p.m. today as law enforcement continues to subdue protesters in an effort to end demonstrations in Ottawa.

Large groups of police, some on horseback and some carrying assault rifles and what appear to be rubber bullet launchers, are currently clearing protesters in Ottawa.

The police slowly pushed back the crowd for most of the day, but around 5 p.m. increased pressure by deploying pepper spray and using police on horseback to gain more ground while advancing against the protesters.

Protesters mostly appear to be resisting peacefully, but the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) said after 5 p.m. that some are “assaulting officers, have attempted to remove officer’s weapons.”

Earlier in the day, protest organizer Benjamin Dichter took to Twitter to urge protesters to leave and pleaded with the OPS to let the truckers “leave in peace.”

“One of Freedom Convoy Canada drivers had his truck windows smashed by Ottawa Police, guns drawn & dragged out of his vehicle by force. It’s time to leave. Ottawa Police please allow the remaining trucks to leave in peace.”

Dichter confirmed to The Epoch Times that the decision to leave was made by convoy leadership.

“We had a meeting with all the road captains and they came to the conclusion that it is the safest option,” he said.

Meanwhile, protesters could be seen making snow barricades on Wellington and Metcalfe streets to slow the police advance toward the core of the protest in front of Parliament Hill.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) called out the OPS for telling media earlier in the day to stay away and warning that “anyone found within areas undergoing enforcement may be subject to arrest.”

“Warning journalists about safety risks in the protest zone is reasonable. Threatening them with arrest for doing their jobs is not,” wrote the CCLA on Twitter.

By Limin Zhou and Noé Chartier

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