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Patriot Academy equips a new generation of leaders to champion the cause of freedom and truth in

  • government,
  • media,
  • entertainment,
  • and education,

as the help bring our nation back to the principles on which we were founded.

Patriot Academy has a proven track record of excellence through a simple four part strategy:

  1. Train students to understand and influence government policy with a Biblical worldview
  2. Demonstrate the principles of ethical, servant leadership from the Founding Fathers’ perspective
  3. Teach the political process and essential leadership skills through intense hands-on training
  4. Inspire students to be salt and light in every area of society and culture

President Ronald Reagan famously said,

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” 

Unless we motivate and equip the rising generation to take up the torch of freedom and carry it forward, it will become extinguished forever.

The Patriot Academy desires to help students become agents of positive change and to give them the tools they need to successfully engage in the political process and other areas of the culture. The Patriot Academy prayer is that every young person who attends Patriot Academy will understand that it is their duty and privilege to guard the precious legacy of freedom.

By the grace of God, the Patriot Academy will raise up a generation who will stand for righteousness in both the public arena and the private sector, leading the change in America.

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