Pelosi Mocks Reporter Who Asks About Trump’s Due Process! Calls Him “Mr. Republican Talking Points”

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Rep. Nancy Pelosi had another of her Thursday press conferences with the media but this one took a different tact than she regular gives.

David Rosen, a former Fox News reporter, now with Sinclair, asked Pelosi about the legal rights of the “whistleblower” and how they were more important than the President who has a right to face his accuser.

Pelosi responded with a name attack against a member of the press. The press is not safe from Democrats, they are all against freedom of the press and are endangering the lives of reporters ad well as inhibiting their first amendment rights. Funny thing is I’m not being 100% sarcastic.

If Rosen receives any death threats after Pelosi’s briefing today because he dared question the Speaker about Pres. Trump’s rights, shouldn’t she have to face charges?

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