People Going To Jail In Georgia

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John Fredericks, host of “Outside the Beltway,” tells Steve Bannon that the year-long investigation of voter fraud in Georgia will soon come to fruition with arrests and charges against those who did illegal ballot harvesting in 2020, and on a scale not yet imagined. The evidence is provided by an investigation of dropbox surveillance video obtained by True the Vote.

“What you’ve got right now is a clear violation of Georgia law where people are going to go to jail. According to Georgia law (and Stacy’s law) only one ballot could be put in a drop box at a time, and that ballot had to be delivered either by the person filling out the ballot (the voter) or someone that was sanctioned to put the ballot in there, friend, family, relative etc. … Every single drop box in Georgia, part of the consent decree, they would have a video camera. True the Vote through FOIA requests got access to the video tapes.”

The rest of the interview explains that a whistleblower who was dropping off ballots was paid thousands of dollars by Democrats, and that this one individual dropped off more than 4,000 illegal ballots. In addition, True the Vote confirmed that 240 people were dropping off ballots illegally, resulting in possibly as many as 1 million illegal ballots.

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