Pfizer Research Director Implicitly Acknowledged Its COVID-19 Vaccines ‘Aren’t Working’: Dr. Robert Malone

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Dr. Malone shares his assessment of the undercover Project Veritas video

Dr. Robert Malone said he was “entirely emotional” after seeing Project Veritas’s undercover video in which a research director of Pfizer claimed the company’s scientists are talking about mutating the SARS-CoV-2 virus to “preemptively develop new vaccines.”

Dr. Jordon Walker, who was or is a Pfizer employee, stated in the video, “One of the things we are exploring is, why don’t we just mutate it ourselves so we could create—preemptively develop new vaccines?” He added later, “We’re going to consider that, with more discussions.”

Malone told NTD Business that Walker’s statement acknowledges something quite significant.

“The buried lead in all of this is that it is an implicit acknowledgement that Pfizer is not able to produce the product that would be necessary to get out ahead of this virus and allow people to be protected using a vaccine,” he said.

“What is being said is an implicit acknowledgment that the products aren’t working, and they can’t make them work without going to extraordinary measures of these genetic manipulations, which they hope might solve their problem of getting out ahead of the virus evolution.”

When asked about what the harm may be in such research if it never leaks, Malone responded, “It always leaks.”

“So you’re [hypothetically] engineering something that has the killing potential, the destructive potential equivalent to a major nuclear warhead. And it is sitting in a bench environment in which, if anybody makes an inadvertent mistake … You know, anything can happen. One small event, inadvertent one single point of failure can lead to the entry of a lethal pathogen into the general human environment and we have seen how quickly that can spread. That’s why this logic, is is wrong, it is fallacious, it is deeply flawed. This analogy, ‘what’s wrong, if so long as they’re in BSL4,’ … BSL4 can go bad in so many ways.”

By Mimi Nguyen Ly and Don Ma

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