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Russ Vought on War Room
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Russ Vought, who was the head of OMB under President Trump, talks with Steve Bannon on War Room about the Build Back Better boondoggle.

“This was designed on paper to try to get to a point where it doesn’t cost anything on paper. It’s a total joke. … All of the costs are front-loaded… They’ve created upwards of a trillion dollars in deficits in the first five years, and that’s because their spending is in the those first couple of years, and then they have artificial sunsets. And then they have the revenues, the tax hikes that kick in permanently over the 10 year window, AND the IRS auditors that are hired and are going to be doing audits for everyone over $100,000 probably in terms of having the American people go through that root canal of having the government look over their shoulder.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart