“Play It Safe” Child Abuse Prevention – Ages Pre-K through High School

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The above video promotional trailer gives an overview of the award-winning, 14-video series Cox Creative developed for The Women’s Center of Tarrant County’s “Play It Safe” program. A Winner of 7 Telly Awards and 1 Davey Award, this unique series features age appropriate videos from public school children ages Pre-K through high school that entertain while educating students about sexual abuse, bullying, sexting, domestic abuse and dating violence. Featuring a unique mix of animation, humor, drama and compelling stories, these videos offer a message that every student should hear.

Play it Safe!® videos provide a tool for you to use to help teach your child how to keep their body safe and empower them to do so. There are 14 age-appropriate videos available for rental that progress with your child’s developmental stage.

Play It Safe Videos For Parents and Teachers

About The Women’s Center of Tarrant County

About The Women’s Center Founded in 1979, The Women’s Center of Tarrant County is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Its mission is to inspire and empower women, men and children to overcome violence, crisis and poverty. The Women’s Center serves over 150,000 women, men and children annually through three comprehensive programs: Rape Crisis and Victim Services, Employment Solutions, and General Counseling.

In 1983, The Women’s Center launched a child sexual abuse prevention program in response to a request from a local school district following a child sexual abuse outcry at one of their schools. Developed, researched and written by The Women’s Center, Play it Safe!® is now presented to over 140,000 children and teens throughout Tarrant County each year.

In addition to prevention and education programs, The Women’s Center provides a continuum of services for survivors and their significant others including:
• Trauma informed individual and group therapy for children and adults
• 24-hour hotline
• Crisis intervention at hospital rape exam sites
• Assistance through the criminal justice process
• Legal services for survivors

To learn more about The Women’s Center, visit womenscentertc.org.

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