Politicians, It’s About Serving the People Who Elected You!

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One of the most powerful speakers we know, Gov. Mark Robinson, tells it like it should be in Washington DC. It’s about being of service to the people who elected you. Enjoy his great speech at CPAC 2023 Washington DC.


Governor Mark Robinson: Probably one of the most poorly kept secrets is that a guy named Mark Robinson may run for governor. And I got all kind of people that want me to do that. And I got all kind of people that don’t want me to do and they want to stand up and try to stop me. But here it is, I know one thing, that God, like I said, is in control, and what he has for me no man can stop. And I’m not saying I’m not saying that I’m ordained to be the governor, but if it’s his will for me to be, it will be. And no one to stop it. I don’t know if that’s his will or not, but I can tell you this, somebody asked me not too long ago, they said ah, why do you want to be the governor? And I looked at them and I told them what I believed in. But I never answered the question. But I got in my car on the way home and I thought about and I said, well, why do I want to be governor? Then I thought about it real deep and I came to a conclusion, I don’t want to be the governor. Then I thought about it even deeper and said, you know, I didn’t even want to be lieutenant governor. Now I want you to think about what I just said. I said. I don’t want to be the governor. You see that is the problem in that statement. The problem in that statement is ‘want’. We have too many people who decide to run for office because they want to be something. They want to be a congressman. They want to be a senator. They want to be a governor. They want to be president. They want to be a big shot who pops his collar and looks down on the people, tells them what to do, and has doors open for them. They have a title. They have armed guards, and they’ll have a legacy, a political legacy of their fantastic political career that will follow them for life.

They want, they want, they want. Let me tell you something about want. Want is not what is standing in front of you. When I say I don’t want to be Governor. This is how I describe it. I want you to go back in your mind, go back to June the 6th 1944. Go back to the English Channel. Find one of those Higgins boats and in that Higgins boat you’ll find a young man, probably from Bedford Virginia. a member of the 116th infantry, 29th Infantry, that is about to attack Omaha Beach. The toughest fight of that day would take place on that beach. Some 70 to 80% of his comrades will be killed. I want you to go back in your mind and I want you to ask that young man, why did you come here to this place? Why did you want to join the Army, and come here to this place? Why did you want to watch your friends be slaughtered? Why do you want these German shooting at you? Why do you want to leave your family and friends behind, possibly to never see them again? I would imagine that young man would probably turn around and look at you and say something to the fact of, I didn’t want any of this, because this is not about want, this is about service. You see, my nation is in trouble. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and Hitler is murdering his way across Europe. I cannot sit at home and watch this world burn and have my nation in trouble. It’s time for me to stand up and serve up to and including giving my life if necessary. This is not about want, it’s about service, and the people in DC need to hear it. You’re not there to serve yourself and your your self interest, your there to serve the people of this nation, and the state you represent, the area that you represent, yes, up to and including your political life, if necessary.

You see, that’s another thing we need to thank God for right now. We got some folks like Dan Bishop that’ll go to Washington DC and make sure that we fight to bring real leadership back to that entity. Because, because that’s what it’s time for folks. It’s time for our political class to understand why they are there. They’re not there to get rich and reelected. They’re not there to serve their own interests. They’re not there to craft a political career that will follow them for the rest of their life and get them paid for the rest of their life. They are there to do what the founders intended it to be, service. To be service to the people that elected them to those positions.

You see, because sometimes when you’re doing the right thing it gets tough out here on this old road. The media comes after you. Sometimes your own party comes after you, but you got to keep going. And why do you got to keep going? I don’t know what your reason is, but I’ve got my reason. I’ve got what I called my core. My core is my grandbabies, because I got to build a future for them, to make sure that they can live the life of freedom, same kind of life of freedom that I lived. This morning I talked to them by phone. They were at their home. They were with their mom and dad and they were doing science experiments. Had on little white lab coats and glasses and they said, we’re doing science experiments. And I looked at them in those lab coats and they said they were scientists, and I looked at and I said, wow, they’re already better scientists than Dr Fauci is. But seriously, that’s what I fight for every day, to leave them a legacy of freedom. I don’t need a legacy of a political career, I need to leave a legacy of freedom for the people that I serve, and that’s exactly what I tend to do. God bless you all. God bless the United States of America. And God bless the great state of North Carolina. Thank you!

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