President Biden’s Attack on American Citizenship Itself

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President Biden’s numerous affronts to American sovereignty — from the human tsunami of illegal migrants in Del Rio, Texas, to the collapse of ICE interior enforcement against unlawful trespassers across our land — present ominous risks to the United States.

But among Biden’s myriad of misbegotten open-borders gambits, the airlifted wave of Afghans to the U.S. presents the gravest threat to the security, health, and prosperity of our citizens.

As I documented previously, Biden ordered the U.S. military to embark on a dangerous evacuation mission to bring thousands of unvetted and undeserving migrants to America from Afghanistan.

Several recent events now highlight that this decision was even more perilous than predicted.

For starters, regarding the supposed justification for the entire mass migration, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas now admits that only three percent of the migrants brought here are actual Special Immigrant Visa designees who took real material risks to serve our operations in Afghanistan.

So who are the other 97% of these people? For whom did our best and bravest young people lay down their lives in Kabul during the exfiltration?

Well, at least in part, we literally transported sickos to our country. We now know that a 20-year-old Afghan, Bahrullah Noori, was indicted by the Department of Justice for forcible sex acts with children younger than 16 years old, in Wisconsin where he is housed at Ft. McCoy army base.

Noori was there with approximately 13,000 other non-vetted and potentially dangerous migrants from the other side of the world.

Next, we learned about the FBI investigation into an alleged attack at Ft. Bliss in New Mexico where several Afghan migrant men reportedly assaulted an American female soldier charged with protecting the massive encampment.

In contrast to constant promises about vetting, we now know that this influx was not solely about rewarding people to whom America is indebted. It instead devolved into an effective bull rush onto U.S. planes for a free admission ticket to the USA.

By Steve Cortes

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Steve Cortes, a former Trump presidential adviser, commentator and financial expert, co-hosts “Cortes & Pellegrino” on Newsmax.

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