President Donald J. Trump — The Buy American, Hire American President

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Peter Navarro: Welcome to this presentation of the new report by the White House entitle President Donald J. Trump — The Buy American, Hire American President. Since the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump on January 20th 2017, my mission, as the Director of The White House office and trade manufacturing policy, is been to help the greatest jobs president and trade negotiated in history rebuild America’s manufacturing base. Over the past 4 years this Administration is lived by one beautiful phrase, Made in the USA, and 2 simple rules “Buy American, Hire American”. In this report we’ll take a tour of five critical dimensions of President Trump’s Made in the USA strategy. These dimensions include Buy American Government Procurement, a wide range of Hire American Actions, Trump Trade Negotiations and Tariffs, the Defense Budget and Military Sales, and support for one of the oldest pieces by American legislation, the Jones Act. Actions across these five Made in the USA Dimensions have helped create thousands of new American jobs while increasing wages and the quality-of-life a blue-collar Americas. By strengthening our nation’s defense industrial base, President Trump’s Made in the USA strategy has also help enhance our national security. As President Trump has said many times economic security is National Security.

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