President Trump: We Must Protect Medicare and Social Security

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Under no circumstances should Republicans vote to cut a single penny from Medicare or Social Security to help pay for Joe Biden’s reckless spending spree, which is more reckless than anybody’s ever done or had in the history of our country. Biden is blown out the federal budget, wasted trillions on left wing lunacy, and the ridiculous Green New Deal which is a tremendous problem and embarrassment to us, and thrown open our Treasury and our borders to migrants from all over the world. In fact, migrants are coming from prisons, and migrants that are coming from mental institutions are being dropped into the United States. And we do nothing about it.

I had the safest border in the history of our country just two years ago and now we have probably the worst border in the history of the world. I don’t think any country has ever had anything like we have right now.

While we absolutely need to stop Biden’s out of control spending, the pain should be borne by Washington bureaucrats not by hard-working American families and American seniors. The seniors are being absolutely destroyed in the last two years.

Cut the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars going to corrupt foreign countries. Cut the mass releases of illegal aliens that are depleting our social safety net and destroying our country. Cut the left wing gender programs from our military. Cut the billions being spent on climate extremism. Cut waste, fraud and abuse everywhere that we can find it. And there’s plenty of it. But do not cut the benefits our seniors worked for and paid for their entire lives. Save Social Security, don’t destroy it. The Democrats are looking to destroy Social Security, we’re not going to let them do it. Thank you very much.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart