Pride Comes Before the Fall

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Valor doesn’t think he will win the Great Raka Rapids Race with Kevin as his teammate. When Valor’s pride puts him and his partner in a tough spot, Valor realizes that some things are far more important than winning. Join Valor and Kevin as they learn about humility, and then Complete the Brave Challenge at the back of the book with your own family.

About the Author

Kirk Cameron – A Christian, loving husband, father, producer, actor, and now children’s book author, Kirk Cameron is an icon in the television and film industry. Kirk has had a big impact on our society through films like Fireproof, Lifemark, and Homeschool Awakening. He and his wife, Chelsea, live in California and have six children. Kirk Cameron has joined with BRAVE Books in creating this special kids’ book on the importance of humility, Pride Comes Before the Fall. This family-friendly children’s book is perfect for ages 4-12.

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