Psychologist Leaves California as License Threatened After Questioning Transgenderism for Children

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California psychologist whose license to practice was threatened after she spoke out against teaching transgender ideology to third-grade students, as well as statewide lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, said leaving the state was the best option.

Dr. Shannae Anderson, a clinical and forensic psychologist with 23 years of experience, was heckled by trans activists at a local school board meeting in Thousand Oaks, California, last June and harassed on social media. She said she received death threats and was targeted by leftwing extremist groups, including Antifa.

“I got a phone call from a friend of mine who works for the FBI who said my name came across his desk because Antifa was creating a list of people to go after,” she told The Epoch Times.

Anderson moved to Virginia in September to become the co-director for ethics and advocacy of the American Association of Christian Counselors, which bills itself as the world’s largest faith-based mental health organization.

School Board Controversy

Anderson, a native of Thousand Oaks, confronted the board at a Conejo Valley Unified School District meeting in June 2022, alleging that 8-year-olds were being exposed at school to sexual issues beyond their comprehension.

“At that age, children operate with concrete thinking. They don’t have abstract thinking, so they can only think in black and white. They don’t understand gray,” she told The Epoch Times. “And so, if you’re talking about these abstract concepts, such as transgender ideology, it’s just going to confuse them. They’re not going to understand.”

The following week, as Anderson was preparing for another meeting on June 20, she received a call from a local city council member alerting her to an email that showed a transgender activist who advises a school board committee had filed a 51-page complaint against Anderson to the California Board of Psychology.

The activist stated in the complaint obtained by The Epoch Times that Anderson presented an “imminent risk of substantial harm to students and families” within the school district and to all residents of Thousand Oaks and Ventura County and accused her of “making claims about transgender people that reinforce bigotry, exclusion and harmful acts.”

By Brad Jones

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