Radical Feminist: The Equality Act Would Hurt Women

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Kara Dansky is a Board Member of the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), the radical feminist organization that filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration to restore Title IX rights to women and girls, and that continues to fight against the replacement of “sex” to mean “gender identity” under Title IX and the Constitution. She helps coordinates WoLF’s legal and policy strategies. Dansky explained how redefining sex hurts women and girls. This discussion took place at The Heritage Foundation.

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The Inequality of the Equality Act: Concerns from the Left

Who could be against a law that promises equality and bans discrimination? Parents who’ve already experienced grief, despair, and witnessed medical harms as they attempted to get help for their gender-confused children. Medical experts concerned about how adding “gender identity” into civil rights law would cause physical and psychological harm. People who have transitioned, and then detransitioned, concerned with what this ideology will do to children. Lesbians who have been punished for having the audacity to say that men are not women. Radical feminists concerned that nearly all sex-segregated spaces, colleges, sports, dormitories, and women’s rights in general will disappear if “gender identity” becomes a protected class and the dangers this poses to women and girls.

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