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Patient-Led Research

reAct 19 is a research focused grassroots organization made up of patients, scientists and physicians who are working to increase our understanding in the role of Covid-19 in those who experience systemic and prolonged symptoms, after acute infection or after vaccination.

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Who We Are:

We are a grassroots organization dedicated to research and collaboration with institutions and physicians to increase understanding and awareness for patients suffering lasting effects Post-Covid and/or post Covid vaccine through: 

RESEARCH – Patient-led research, and collaborations with researchers and research institutions

EDUCATION – To increase our understanding through education, reviewing emerging science, and analyzing collected data through patient-led research

ACTION – To get those suffering on the path to healing

COVID-19 THERAPEUTICS –  Assessing successes and shortcomings in treatment protocols.

React 19 does not diagnose medical conditions, offer treatment advice, treat illnesses, or prescribe medicine or drugs. Any information contained on this website and its related links is not a substitute for adequate medical care, diagnosis, and/or treatment from a medical doctor. It is strongly recommended that prior to acting upon any information gleaned via React 19 or its representatives, you at all times first consult a physician.

Visit the reAct Website

Our Mission:

To conduct patient-led research and collaborate and participate in research through institutions and clinics.

To connect patients to researchers for collaboration and studies.

To increase awareness and understanding of the nature of these syndromes, and hopefully pave the way for symptomatic improvement or a cure. 

Visit the reAct Website

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