Reactions to the Truss Resignation and Collapse of the UK Conservative Movement

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UK Prime Minister Liz Truss announced her resignation after just 45 days in office, the shortest term of any British prime minister in history. Steve Bannon and the “War Room” predicted the fall of the Conservative government days ago. Now the question is whether the 200-year-old Conservative Party will vanish like the Whigs. Reaction from three “War Room” regulars: Dave Walsh, Dave Brat and Nigel Farage.

Part 1: Dave Walsh: The UK’s Irresponsible Energy Policy Will Lead To Blackouts, America Must Steer Clear Of Same Path

Part 2: Dave Brat: The UK Has Chosen Ideology Over Good Policy, Will Bring Down Entire Government

Part 3: Nigel Farage: The UK Has Fallen Into The Hands Of The WEF After Liz Truss’ Resignation

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